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Let's talk about the wet area of your bathroom. This is the area surrounding your tub or shower base; here at ReBath of Houston we refer to these walls as the wall surrounds. This is the area getting splashed daily by anybody that is using the bathroom. Most people in Houston have tile surrounding this wet area, and something that comes with tile is grout. Cleaning these walls can be quite a chore -the tile cleans fine but the grout is nearly impossible to get clean. This is because grout is porous, meaning that it holds water. Because grout is porous and water can soak into the grout mold and mildew have a great place to live. Ever cleaned tile walls only to find that the tile comes clean yet moldy grout lines remain? We live in a very humid environment and steam coming from a hot shower only magnifies the problem. Furthermore, most tiled showers have soap scum and mold can live on soap scum. Looking at this in depth we can see an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow and live. We see 1000's of bathrooms here at ReBath. We have seen perfect looking tile jobs all the way to situations where tile is literally falling off the wall. One thing we were shocked to see was what looks like a perfect tile job actually hiding something behind the walls. We tore the tile out to find a great deal mold. This is because even if grout lines appear clean they are still porous and only the surface may be clean.

Here at ReBath of Houston we will install whatever materials you want in your bathroom. If there is a particular look you are going for, let us know and we will accommodate your needs. However we really feel a sense of duty as a bathroom remodeling company to recommend the best products for your entire bathroom. We at Rebath of Houston also want to let you know what the best materials are for the wet area of your bathroom. We highly recommend solid surface materials. We see a lot of cultured marble in Houston and we love cultured marble's non porous attribute, yet the fact that it can discolor or yellow with age is concerning.

ReBath’s Wall Surrounds are manufactured from our state-of-the-art DuraBath SSP™ material. This material is similar to Corian. DuraBath SSP™ is a solid surface non-porous polymer, which means mold and mildew will never grow on your bath walls again. ReBath is the exclusive manufacturer for DuraBath SSP™, which is simply the best material for bath remodeling and far out performs acrylic materials used by other bathroom remodeling companies.

All ReBath walls are custom manufactured for your individual bath. ReBath offers you a large assortment of proprietary, one-of-a-kind, designer wall colors to bring out the style of your new dream bath. Then, choose from several different patterns, including patented designs to add that personal and elegant touch. Accentuate your new dream bath with borders, sophisticated shower heads and hardware, top-of-the-line soap dishes, and the perfect shower enclosures for the final design features.

Your new ReBath Wall Surrounds are grout free, so say goodbye to scrubbing those old and moldy grout lines. ReBath provides a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty on ReBath products. This warranty also covers the installation, so you have the confidence that you will enjoy your new bath for as long as you own your home.

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