Walk In Bath Tubs Help You Age-in-Place

Safety Tub walkin bath tub
Safety Tub Hydrotherapy

According to the National Institute on Aging, 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 will fall this year and 80% of those falls will occur in the bathroom. The causes of falls in the bathroom is varied and can be due to simple aging or problems associated with diabetes, thyroid conditions or from taking various medications.

Let’s be honest,  none of us is getting any younger. Sooner or later either you or a loved one will experience the challenge of trying to enter or exit the bath tub. This is especially true if you or a parent has a physical disability that impedes mobility.

The bathtub is of particular concern because it is a slippery environment and isn’t forgiving if you lose your balance while climbing in over the side. If you or a family member are finding it challenging getting in and out of your bathtub, you should consider a walk in bath tub.

Walk In Bathtubs are Safer for Seniors

A walk in bath tub is a specially designed tub that has a built-in door and seat. The doorway provides a low threshold entry point for ease of entry. Having a built in seat means your chances of slipping and falling are greatly minimized because it eliminates the need to stoop or lay down in order to bathe in comfort.

Since there are so many kinds and brands of walk-in tubs available, which one is the best option in terms of quality and safety? Safety Tubs®.

Why Choose Safety Tubs®?

Safety Tubs® invented the walk in bath tub and they are made here in Texas. Features include:

  • The T5 Patented Door System, installed as a pre-hung door unit
  • Low-threshold door entry
  • Built-in grab bar with non-slip floor
  • Chair height seating with sloping back rest
  • Leak-proof Santoprene® water-tight door seal with Lifetime Warranty
  • Drains 8x faster with Minute Drain
Safety Tub features include a Minute Drain, hydro-theraphy, aroma-theraphy, or chroma-theraphy
SafetyTub™ brand walk in bath tubs offer more than a safe bathing experience.

Take Back Your Independence with a Safety Tub® Walk In Bath Tub

Safety Tubs® also come with an optional deck-mounted faucet with hand-held personal shower attachment. The acrylic tub construction enhances the bath experience by maintaining a constant water temperature; eliminating the need to keep adding hot water. However, Safety Tubs® do come with an optional heater, air & water jets, and aroma/chroma theraphy.

If you are seriously interested in purchasing a walk in bath tub as a part of your bathroom remodel, we invite you to take a “test drive” of one of our Safety Tub® models in our showroom at 13722 Northwest Freeway (290) in Houston, Texas. Rebath of Houston offers free in-home design consulting for your convenience.



  1. Nice post and Great information.We are proud of American workmanship and work ethic and we believe it necessary to support this wherever and whenever possible.

    1. That’s right! These Safety Tubs are made right here in Texas!!!! For more information check this out: http://www.rebathofhouston.com/walk_in_tubs.html

  2. Great post. The concept of safety tub is really good and i think every household must consider installing it. As the admin said, none of us is getting younger so why not take precautions at the earliest ?

    1. The safety tub is a great option for people that have trouble getting into the tub. Check out some more information here: http://www.rebathofhouston.com/walk_in_tubs.html

  3. Thank you for sharing this post. Walk in tubs are the best alternative for handicapped or disabled people.

    1. Agreed, we can do walk-in-bathtubs or tub to shower conversions. Thanks!


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