Wainscoting by ReBath of Houston

Installing Wainscoting has a number of significant advantages for both appearance and function. From a design perspective, wainscoting can “open up” an otherwise small area and give the appearance of a larger space. Wainscoting is also an ideal way to add an interior design feature to your bathroom that offers an elegant addition of color, style, texture or pattern. Wainscoting is also an ideal way to protect the walls outside your tub and shower from the normal “wear and tear” common in the bathroom area.

ReBath of Houston offers many designer colors of Wainscot to choose from and you can pick a variety of different patterns that include patented design styles. You can even choose from several different border patterns to add that elegant and personal touch to the design of your new bathroom.

All Wainscot from ReBath is manufactured from our proprietary and exclusive DuraBath SSP™ which is a solid surface polymer. DuraBath SSP™ is simply the best material to use for bathroom remodeling because it is a non-porous material which means that mold and mildew won’t grow on its surface. It simply outperforms any product for use in a wet area in the marketplace today.