Replacing Bath and Shower Walls

Here at ReBath of Houston we remodel your bathroom by replacing existing shower or bathtub walls with any material you would like. We prefer to use solid surface materials similar to Corian so you will not have to deal with grout and the problems associated with grout, such as mold, mildew and cracking. As you know, Houston is humid and when thinking about your bathroom remodeling project it is important to use materials that are not only going to look beautiful but are also easy to maintain.

Our process is quite extensive, but as the homeowner you will be very pleased with the results. First, we tear out your existing walls down to the studs. If you want a new tub or shower base we will remove your existing tub or shower base at this time and install what you desire. Once we have your walls down to the studs, we conduct an inspection of the area and treat any mold or mildew issues. We may even replace rotted or deteriorated studs. If the wall is an exterior wall we can evaluate the insulation and determine if that requires replacement. We then take a look at the plumbing and replace the fixtures if desired. Your plumbing may involve raising the valve, shower head, or both. We are well equipped to do so and most folks that are remodeling a bathroom elect to have their shower head raised. If you are considering body sprayers or multiple shower heads, this is now plumbed in as well. We take very special care to ensure that these items are plumbed correctly or you could have water pressure issues. Once the plumbing is complete, we stud for any accessories, such as a shower seat. Once the inspection and plumbing for your bath or shower is complete, we install anti-microbial and mold/mildew resistant backer board in the entire wet area. Next, we custom cut all of your walls and install them with great precision. We use gasket seal technology to ensure a water tight fit. Walls are then given an additional finishing seal. Finally, we finish with the installation of all of your accessories such as grab bars, shower towers, or wall mounted seats. We have hundreds of choices for your new bathroom walls! This process usually takes about two days to complete, depending on the scope of the project. You will love remodeling your bathroom with ReBath!

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