Natural Stone Showers


Natural Stone by Rebath of Houston

Our Natural Stone panels are manufactured through a revolutionary process in which the highest quality natural stones are adhered to a strong and durable backing system, giving these large-scale panels the beauty of natural stone with the strength and durability of stone slabs. In fact, at roughly 3 pounds per square foot, ReBath Of Houston panels are up to 800% stronger than slabs, according to ASTM testing. Our natural stone shower panels are all backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Light up your shower with ReBath Of Houston’s NEW Illuminated Onyx line of Natural Onyx Stone Slabs. Through a revolutionary patented process using the most beautiful natural onyx slabs from around the world, ReBath’s architects and designers can use these luxurious stones in ways that were previously impossible! Due to the fragility of raw onyx slabs, it can be extremely expensive to install and designers have been limited with the sizes of the slabs that are available, but not anymore!