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We all know bathrooms help sell houses but have you ever thought about why? Bathrooms sell homes because this is one area of the home we visit every single day. This is also the area of the home that we must keep nice and tidy for guests. Maybe your bathroom is not something you want to show others or maybe you are just looking to update the look of your bathroom. Whether your needs are functional or appearance based; Rebath of Houston can help you with tips and bathroom design ideas. If you are going to remodel an entire bathroom, ReBath can help because we are a full service bathroom renovator. If you only want to focus on certain area of your bathroom we can do that as well. Maybe you only want to change the design of your tub or shower area. We specialize in tub to shower conversions and can give you many different ideas for such a bathroom design. In Houston houses, a common master bathroom design is a jetted tub/shower separated by a pony wall. This situation may not be ideal for all homeowners. Maybe the shower base is too small and the tub is rarely used. We have turned many of these areas into large showers or even walk-in showers with dual shower heads.

For full bathroom designs the first thing we at ReBath of Houston like to consider is the space of the bathroom. Is the bathroom space properly utilized? Can we gain more real estate in this bathroom by moving a wall? We have enlarged many showers by eliminating small closets or using part of a larger closet for a larger shower base. Another thing we like to consider when bathroom designing is the lighting. Here in Houston we see numerous of cave showers. These are showers with walls all around and they can be dark and mildew filled. We absolutely love tearing these showers out to give the room a bigger feel and also to allow light to fill the shower space. We can now use custom glass to contain the water in the shower area. A custom shower door will not only give your bathroom design an updated look it will provide the functionality you need.

We hear a lot of real estate agents around Houston saying things like, “You must keep a tub in your master bath.” This may be true, but one thing to consider is how long you are going to live in the home and if you are truly happy with the layout of your master bathroom or guest bathroom designs. Are there other people that want the things you want in these areas? If you sell your home will a large walk in shower in the master bath or a safety tub set you apart from the rest of the homes for sale? We are endorsed by Dave Ramsey and he said it best by stating, “Live like no one else so you can live like no one else!”

Many bathroom designers in this industry are good at selling the dream, but it also important as a consumer to remember that a bathroom design must be functional and the material should be easy to clean and maintain. Other questions should be raised as well. Will the floors be slippery when they are wet? Will the shower door open and hit a wall or toilet? Which way should my shower door hinge? Our job here at ReBath of Houston is to guide your in you bathroom design and to help you decide what the best layout of your bathroom will be and what the best materials are for your bathroom design space. We can let you know about trends in the industry. If you saw an ad with a certain fixture let us know about it. If you like the look of a certain bathroom design you've seen in a magazine, let us know and we will do everything within our ability to design and build the bathroom of your dreams. It all just starts with an idea, and the above slide show should help you to brainstorm some color combinations and bathroom designs. See our Bathroom Design Tool – it's a really nice aid that can help you visualize multiple bathroom designs. If you want to get more of a sense of how we design bathrooms come visit our showroom at 9400 Cypress Creek Parkway Houston, TX 77070 or give us a call at (281) 894-4600.

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