How Much Will My Bathroom Remodeling Project Cost?

There’s An App for That!

Cost vs. Value App
So, you’ve finally decided to remodel your bathroom. You’ve gone online to research colors, flooring, vanities and the latest shower and bath tub designs. But you haven’t dealt with the elephant in the room yet: the cost.

If you’re honest with yourself, a part of you just doesn’t want to go there. But go there you must.

Fortunately, there’s an iPhone/iPad app that will help you get an idea of how much you’ll have to spend for a professional bathroom renovation. The Cost vs Value iPhone App from Remodeling magazine pulls 2010-2011 local market data for 80 U.S. cities. It allows you to compare the average cost for 35 popular bathroom remodeling projects while giving the value those project retain at resale.

Cost vs. Value App Screenshot

As a bonus, you’ll also be treated to 3D rendering of typical bathroom remodeling projects. The App is Free and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

After you’ve checked out the data on your city, you can be better prepared when you meet with your bathroom design consultant. You’ll have a clearer understanding of which choices make sense  budget-wise, compared to the value the overall bathroom remodel will add to your home’s market price.

Armed with information on how much equity your bathroom remodel design choices will retain at resale; you won’t over spend on unnecessary frills.



  1. Will this app be available soon for the android phone too? If so, when?

    1. Thanks for the post Roy. Hanley Wood Business Media is the author of this app, so I wrote them to inquire about an android application. This is their response:

      Hello, Greg:
      Sorry, but there is no time frame currently for an android version.

      Sal Alfano, Editorial Director

    2. Hi Roy,
      There are a few apps in the Android marketplace that deal with home remodeling, but nothing as robust as this one for iPhone.

      In the meantime, check out this Android app from to help you estimate home improvement costs.
      Brenda – ReBath of Houston Customer Service

    3. Not sure if there will be a bath remodeling App available. Let me ask our team and see if the design you new bath will be available because that is a very good idea!

      1. Meanwhile check out our design your own bathroom link:

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