New Year’s Resolution #1 – Remodel The Bathroom

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

With the new year comes hope, change and a list of resolutions. One resolution you should place at the top of your list this year is a bathroom remodel. Why? Well, there are several reasons, but the most important one is the value a bathroom remodel will add to your home.

Bathroom remodeling and kitchen upgrades – professionally done – always add value to a property. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes with well-done improvements sell faster.

If you would like to find out how much a bathroom remodel can enhance the property value where you live, consult Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report.  Here you can view national and regional comparison (averages) for 33 popular kinds of remodeling projects.  You can also download a PDF with project data for any one of 80 cities in the U. S.

According to the report, numbers look good for a Houston bath remodel. The report indicates that a $14,000 remodel can add about $11,500 to the resale value of your home. You’ll stand to recoup about 82% of your investment. And since the real estate housing market currently has tons of inventory, “the house with the great bathroom” is the one potential buyers will remember.

When you’re ready to start your remodel, be sure to hire the right company for the job. Who you choose to do the work will not only affect the final result, but will impact your life.

Here are some considerations when hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor:

1. Your house will be in disarray.

The electrician, plumber, bath & shower installer and others will be tracking in and out of your home until the project is completed. While some contractors are better than others with scheduling; you will need to expect the unexpected.

2. The work will take longer than expected.

This is more common than not. In light of this possibility, how will you & your family live with a bathroom out of commission? If you live in a one bathroom home or condo, will you have to check into a hotel?

3. What happens if the contractor disappears?

This is a common theme on the HGTV show Holmes on Homes. How will you manage if the contractor falls of the radar?

4. Project delays due to product delivery mistakes or errors.

If the manufacturer sends the wrong shower doors or flooring tile, how will that impact the completion date? If you only have 1 bathroom and that’s the one under construction, what are your contingency plans?

5. Sub-contracted workers. Can you trust the strangers who will be tracking through you home?

Have they been background checked and drug tested? You never know who will be in your home. And when the contractor is initially discussing the job, he or she usually will not know who will be working on the project.

6. Many contractors don’t carry commercial general liability insurance on their workers.

If a hammer swing takes out a pipe and floods your home, you may not be covered for damages.  As for a copy of their insurance policy.

7. Some contractors may raise the price of the job after they’ve started.

Of course not all contractors will do this.  Don’t settle for “ball park” quotes; things can change once the contractor has actually looked at the bathroom and checked for mitigating issues such as leaks and plumbing issues.  Don’t hide problems in order to get a low estimate. Cheap does not equal “good.”

Final Thoughts

Most contractors care about their profession and will strive to do a professional job. But there are always a few bad apples.  So, be a wise consumer. Take your time to investigate the company. Find out if they’re licensed for the job you’re asking them to do. Ask for a list of references and call them yourself; don’t rely on testimonial information listed on websites.

You will need to know who will be entering your home, so make sure all workers and/or employees have been background checked. Check out their rating with the Better Business Bureau. And – get everything in writing.

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