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Here at ReBath of Houston we can complete your bath renovation by replacing your existing tub with any tub of your choice. We carry a full line of jetted, airbath, and soaker tubs. Our process is quite extensive. First, we tear out your existing walls and remove your existing tub. We literally take your wet area down to the studs. Once we are down to the studs we conduct a full inspection of the area before we proceed. During this full inspection we will repair any water damaged areas and treat for any type of mold growth if necessary. The area is thoroughly cleaned, and then we install a new tub of your choice. At this point we can plumb in new fixtures and even raise your shower head if desired. To complete your bath renovation, we install anti-microbial backer board, which is also mold and mildew resistant. Your bathroom renovation is near completion! Then we custom cut all of your new solid surface walls. The only decisions that remain are where to put your shower tower, grab bar, soap dish, or other accessories! Now your bathtub renovation is complete!

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