Acrylic Tubs are King!

The most common types of tubs we see throughout Houston include cast iron, steel, fiberglass, and acrylic.  All of these bathtubs have pros and cons, but after over 30 years of remodeling bathrooms we have learned that acrylic tubs, simply put, are THE BEST!

Fiberglass bathtubs are quite common yet these tubs are coated with a thin layer called a gel-coat.  This gel-coat is what gives fiberglass tubs their gloss and shine.  Once the gel-coat wears off, typically after about a year of normal use, stains will begin to show on the tub.   Cast iron and steel tubs are two other alternatives.  These tubs have a porcelain surface baked onto them but sometimes the porcelain doesn’t cover the drain area or overflow area very well.  These areas tend to be problematic over time and once the rust process begins, it won’t stop!

The types of tubs we offer at ReBath are nothing but acrylic.  Acrylic bathtubs don’t rust or crack and are non-porous. Non-porous means the surface cannot be penetrated by mold, mildew, or moisture.  In essence, non-porous = NO RUST and NO STAINING! There are no worries about a gel-coat on the tub wearing off because acrylic tubs are uniform all the way through and have NO gel-coat. Acrylic tubs are warm to the touch and are great insulators for keeping water warm while you bathe.  Best of all – we at ReBath guarantee our tubs to not crack, rust, OR stain…FOR LIFE!  Give us a call today for a free in-home estimate. Acrylic tubs are king and the only permanent solution to a tub problem!