Do you have a Showroom?

Yes, as you know having a brick and mortar showroom is a sure sign of a stable company.  Come visit us, and we can help you gather some design ideas!

Do you have a Warranty?

Yes we do – LIFETIME!  Remember, a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it up.  We are a stable & reputable company that has been remodeling bathrooms since 1979.

What are your Walls made of?

We use grout free solid surface materials and natural stones.  Our walls are guaranteed for life!  The smooth, non-porous, stain-resistant, high-gloss finish is also extremely easy to clean.  We offer many Natural Stone and Silestone solutions.  All with NO GROUT!

Do you have a Master Plumber on staff?

Yes we do! Plumbing is a trade requiring years of experience.  Our Master Plumber, Jason, stakes his license and livelihood on the fact that our work is perfect!

Do you have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Yes we do.  You, the homeowner, are liable for any injuries to workers on your property if your remodeler does not have insurance.  Request proof – PROTECT YOURSELF.

How many different types of bathtubs does Re-Bath offer?

We have hundreds of bathtubs available in all shapes and sizes.  We also offer Safety Tubs, jetted tubs, walk-in tubs, and seated shower bases.

Does Re-Bath also manufacture shower bases?

Yes, our Designers will go to your home and take precise measurements and photographs of your shower.  We then can order from many sizes and styles of shower pans.  If your shower is non-standard we can build you a custom shower base!

How long is your warranty?

Re-Bath warranties our walls, shower bases, bathtubs, and plumbing for material defects for LIFE!!!  Typical manufacturer warranties for brand new bathtubs are 1 year.

Are you a member of the BBB of Houston?

Yes we are.  We are fully accredited and A+ Rated with the BBB.

Do you remove tiles and do a full tear out?

YES! Our Re-Bath Installation involves a FULL tear out down to the studs. Fresh backer board is professionally installed so you can rest assured your bathroom is free from water damage or mold.

Why not re-glaze or repaint my old bathtub?

Repeat applications are needed every one to three years due to cracking, peeling, and discoloring.  Painting a bathtub doesn’t work.

Do you Sub-Contract or use your own employees?

We don’t subcontract.  We train and certify our own installers through ReBath University.  This allows us to have the highest standards in the industry and provide such an incredible warranty.