About Us

Who We Are?

ReBath is a family owned and operated full service bathroom remodeling company servicing the Greater Houston Area. We’re in the bathroom business; it’s the only type of remodeling we do. We have designed a process that makes remodeling your bath economical, straightforward, and stress free. We employ our own bathroom remodeling experts – NOT contractors!

The ReBath Story

Since its inception in 1979, ReBath has pioneered an entirely new concept in remodeling. At ReBath we believe bathroom remodeling doesn’t need to be a messy and expensive headache. Why tear up your home and disrupt your lifestyle with weeks of laborers, dust, and inconvenience?

"The Refreshing Remodel"

At ReBath we believe in preserving the tranquility of your home with quick, clean, and affordable remodeling. By using our high quality solid surface materials and natural stones, we can quickly and efficiently remodel your bathroom with minimal disruption to you and your home.


The Process

First we assess the existing bathtub or shower area to develop a removal plan with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.



Next, we remove the existing walls and tub or shower base.



Once the area has been removed, we inspect the studs and plumbing. We also install an antimicrobial backer board to help prevent mold and mildew.



Lastly, our trained technician will install your new shower walls as well as your plumbing fixtures.